Open letter from S.P. Dudieva the victim of the terrorists act of 1 - 3 September in the city of Beslan to plenipotentiary represetative on human rights of Russia V.P. Lukin

To plenipotentiary represetative on human
rights of Russia
V.P. Lukin

From a victim of the terrorists act of 1 Ц 3 of
September 2004 in school No 1 of city of Beslan
Dudieva S.P.

Dear Vladimir Petrovich!

We thought that the terrorists act in Beslan will change the consciousness of all people, will make people join, get rid on many пороков, will make everyone to determine for himself the spiritual sense and values of life. However to my great regret nothing has changed in the consciousness of people.

Many, very many of them stayed deaf and черствыми to the sufferings of others. Only we, unhappy (несчастный) mothers inherited обостренное feeling of justice from our children, feeling of responsibility before everyone alive and loyalty to our children till the end of our life.

We didnТt chose the fate for us, the fate chose us. Trying to overcome the sufferings, every day persuading one another that the life is going on we look the answers to the questions, which the life asked. These are very difficult questions referring to the mystery of the universe. We want to know: why it has happened, why it has happened to the children, why this murder was so cruel, and the main thing, why many of our children foresaw these events. Some of them saw it in the night dreams, others described in their last poems-messages, pictures, preys. The children foresaw and predicted the events, which took place in September of 2004.

We discussed this issue with many people: св¤щеннослужители, psychologists, and many others, those who could somehow explain this phenomenon. We go along the way of knowledge of the mystery of the universe. We want to know where the beginning and the end are, how this world is organized. These mysteries and questions are connected with our children and relatives. We are searching for the answers to these questions; and these searches brought us to the teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoi about Resurrection.

Studying his scientific work УResurrection of people and the eternal life since now on has become our realityФ, we understood that these Teachings based on the Bible and Love for the God, к ближнему give us answers to many questions. The main thing is that the book of all times, the Bible, tells about the Resurrection, that is why the soul, the heart and the consciousness receive this. We decided to study this work for ourselves to come to the essence and answer the question whether it is possible or not.

We got the book about the Resurrection случайно in November 2004; and in August 2004 we for the first time came to Moscow in order to meet the author of the work. Grogoiy Petrovich listened to us and explainmed to us the methods of work on Resurrection. He explained to us that a person should raise from the dead his relative with his love. We received from Grigoriy Grabovoi and his disciples the necessary consultative assistance. No one and never received money from us. Moreover if the Fund of Grabovoi had money they paid for our tickets and accomodation.

However, mass media and news-paper УIzvestiyaФ in particular, TV program УThe Man and the LawФ misinformed the whole population of Russia and the world by producing false and slanderous information about Grigoriy Grabovoi that he received money from mothers from Beslan promising them to resurrect the children.

This is a mean lie!

Why are the mass media going on liying now after our numerous declarations that no one received money from us. Why do mass media and television deprive people of their legitimate right to know the truthful information?

Why is the honest person, well known in the world scientist who has the gift of clairvoyance due to which he makes forecasts and saves people оклеветан and imprisoned?

Why is the person who is the author of the work on Resurrection is imprisoned, and why are people who turned to non-competent and negligent безответственные when rescuing our children free?

Allegation against Academician Grabovoi is based on slanderous declarations of the journalist of УKomsomolskaya PravdaФ news-paper V.Vorsobin.

In September of 2005 he together with us, women of Beslan listened to the seminar УThe Joy of meeting with the risenФ and after the seminar the same way as we did signed the document that the seminar in which he participated was free. However we understand now Vorsobin had an order to slander Grigoriy Grabovoi and he fulfilled the task using various уловки и махинвции. Even now he and ему подобные go on lying and slandering against the scientist using our name and grief.

Have they really los all their values? Where is their consciousness, sympathjy, respect to the sacred word УMOTHERФ?!

Dear Vladimir Pertovich!

We consider us to be people whose rights are попраны, whose life became the кошмар; and the only aim of our life the desire to protect all people from such horror.

Nevertheless we would like to ask you to interfere into the situation with slander and обман around us and the scientist Grigoriy Grabovoi. We are sure that it will not be difficult to you to know all truthful information about academician Grigoriy Grabovoy and his activities.

We hope a lot for your attention, understanding and triumph of justice.


The chair-woman of the committee УThe Mothers of BeslanФ

Dudieva S.P.23:35 19.05.2006

The members of the committee УMothers of BeslanФ read the letter.


The Open Letter to УIzvestiyaФ of 4th April 20

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