Open letter from S.P. Dudieva the victim of the terrorists act of 1 - 3 September in the city of Beslan to the Editor-in-chief of «Izvestia»

To the Editor-in-chief of “Izvestiya”

From the victim of the terrorists act
of 1st-3rd September 2004 in

The city of Beslan


During the last two years the news-paper “Izvestiya” has been publishing articles with information which is not trustworthy. The articles of your news-paper included slander about mothers of children perished in Beslan tragedy who so to say paid money for resurrection of their children to Academician Grigoriy Grabovoy. These are the new-paper issues of 25th November 2004, articles “Beslan is Occupied by Sectarians and Swindlers” of 24th December 2004, articles “The Grabovoy’s Money”; of 14th January 2005, article “President Nazarbayev is enrolled as a sectarian”; of 25th March 2005, article “A sect in the Kremlin”; of 21st September 2005, articles “It is violently to use us in such a state”; of 5th October 2005 “The sect of Grabovoy is not related to any religion”.

These articles give the readers information, which does not correspond to the reality. The articles are provocative and slanderous. They belittle our honor, dignity, reputation as well as our religious freedom.

I am the chairwoman of the committee “The Mothers of Beslan” and a witness of everything that happened in the c. of Beslan. I declare with full responsibility that no mother of any child perished in Beslan tragedy paid money to Academician Grabovoy for resurrection of the deceased children. Moreover, neither Grigoriy Grabovoy, nor any of his disciples has ever visited the c. of Beslan.

I am a mother of the deceased child; I will have been bearing responsibility for my son till the end of my life. I will never betray the memory about him and I consider it to be my mother’s duty to know the mystery of the universe, to know where the beginning and the end is. My fate asked me these questions and put this way in front of me, me and many mothers like me whose children became the victims of Beslan tragedy. We will pass the whole way.

There is a science “About resurrection”. The author of this scientific work is academician Grigoriy Grabovoi. Who could dare to blame us for being first to declare openly about our passionate wish to study this work and want to apply knowledge of Grigoriy Grabovoi in order to rise our children from the dead. Who and what could be opposed to us in our mother’s desire to correct the thing that happened? We have chosen out way to the God and no one has the right to blame us and show to us the way to go. We want to bring back our children; we want to prevent something-similar happening to your children. We wish eternal and Happy life to everyone, life in harmony with nature and the whole world.

The same wishes are to those who wrote slanderous articles about

The Lord’s ways are inscrutable! I consider that persecution of the Teachings of Grogoriy Grabovoy by mass media is directed against all Christians who believe in resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus told, “My disciples will do better than I”. It is well known that He raised people from the dead. The Human Life is the Gift of the God; it is priceless. The life is protected by the Costitution of RF and by the laws of our country; that is why persecution of technologies, which give life, which include technologies of Resurrection from the Teachings of Grogoriy Grabovoi, are the crime against mankind. That is why I express explicit protest to made to order and amoral persecution of Grogoriy Grabovoi and his disciples by mass media and law enforcement bodies; I am going to defend this protest in legal form. People who apply the Teachings of Grogoriy Grabovoi confirm thousands of results; practice, scientific data, and medical confirmations prove them. Mass media do not give information about these facts and as such violate the Law of RF “About Mass Media” and other laws, which protect human life.

At the same moment the law enforcement bodies which have recently discharged the murder of a nine-years-old girl killed because of her ethnic features, by doing that offer support to extremism and international discord, give way to further terrorists acts; and actively struggle as if against swindlers against members of party GRUGG, and people who save themselves with the technologies of the Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoy.

Taking into consideration officially announced decrease of population of Russia 1’000’000 persons per year; and according to the data of Russia Orthodox Church about 2’000’000 of citizens of Russia dye every year, technologies of Grigoriy Grabovoy without medications give life to the man, save from 4th stage cancer and 4th stage AIDS, and give 100% forecast of safety. I feel resentment with the fact that mass media and law enforcement bodies persecute Grigoriy Grabovoy and his disciples. Law enforcement bodies, state authorities, state mass media spend huge amounts of tax-payers’ money to fight against the Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoy and his disciples and no one accounts for this.

Grigoriy Grabovoi as the leader of the Organizational Committee of party DRUGG at the congress with thousands of delegates and witnesses of the documents of the Congresses posted in internet gave timely exact forecasts about terrorists act in the c. of Nalchik, which took place in October 2005. By this forecast he saved the world from a nuclear war. He made exact forecast on contamination of Amur in November 2005 and carried out preventive measures and by this prevented increase of the norm of toxic substances in drinking water in Khabarovsk. He gave far in advance a forecast on Basmanny market in Moscow. However this forecast was ignored because of slander of mass media related to Grigoriy Grabovoi. I will not make a mistake if I say on behalf of all mothers: I call the whole creative society of Russia and the whole world to advocate Grigoriy Grabovoi and the volunteers distributing his Teachings. I believe that the time will come and all of us will be happy due to Resurrection of our children. You have the right to believe or not to believe. But you don’t have the right to make obstacles for others. You have the right to step aside and wait.

The articles in your newspaper made us suffer again because of injustice and misunderstanding. Your articles caused pain to us.

I think it would be right and fair if you publish in the editorial of your news-paper my open letter as well as denial of all mentioned above articles, which violate my constitutional rights declared in the Constitution of Russia and the Civil Code of Russia.

I assume that I clarified misunderstanding on that issue and preconceived attitude to this situation of some journalists. In case you refuse to publish my letter I will advocate in court the honest name of Grigoriy Grabovoy and my legitimate rights to receive truthful information from mass media.

Respectfully yours

S.P. Dudieva

City of Moscow

4th April 2006

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